New York School of Homeopathy Provings

Musca domestica: a proving of house fly
by Susan Sonz, CCH and Robert Stewart, CCH






        bacon, desires

        beer, desires, in morning

        chocolate, desires  (provers 3, 4, 7, 9)

        coffee, desires

        food, sour, desires  (provers 2, 9)

        food, water, aversion  (prover 5)

        food, cheese, desires  (prover 5)

        cheese, aggr. (5)

        vinegar, desires

        heaviness, externally   (provers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)

        heaviness, internally, (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

             alternating with lightness  (provers 2, 3)

        heat, vital, lack of  (provers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

        heat, alt w/ chill (5)

        lassitude, (2, 6, 9)

        paralysis, sensation of (2)

        weakness, (nearly all provers had some form of weakness)  

        weakness, with restlessness

        weather, storm, during agg (5)



        activity, desire for, exercise, physical

        anger, easily (2, 3)


        ANXIETY,  (provers 5, 6, 8)

        anxiety, time is set (4)

        anxiety, when alone

        anxiety, with congestion

        anxiety, driving from place to place

        anxiety, health (1, 2, 4,)


        aversion, people, certain, old women (5)

        awkwardness (2, 5, 7)

        company, aversion to (5)

        confounding, objects and ideas (8, 9)

        confusion of mind,  (provers 1, 4, 7, 8, 9)

        confusion of mind, identity, sexual  (provers 3, 5, 6, 8, 10)      

        conscientious, about trifles (6)

        cursing (1, 2, 3, 5) (many provers used the word “shit” often-

             even during the extraction meeting)



        delusion, he, she is being watched (prover 5)

        delusion, died, and is alive again (prover 1)

        delusion, 1000 fingers scratching his body

        delusion, dirty, foul, everything is

        delusion, floating on a man's back (2)

        delusion, followed by men

        delusion, followed by garbage

        delusion, hears retching (5)

        delusion, garbage is beautiful (5)

        delusion, garbage is moving (5)

        delusion, beautiful things, look, everyone (9)

        delusion, frenzy of hands while washing face (5)

        delusion, animal,is (5)

        delusion, eyes darting like an animal (5)

        delusion, visions of, dead animals with insects eating out eyes

        delusion, body and mind are separated (5)

        delusion, inferior and superior at same time (2)

        delusion, lighter (2, 3)

        delusion, metamorphis (1)

        delusion, vision like a kaleidoscope (1)

        delusion, sees 100 eyes  (5)

        delusion, sees insect eggs and fish eggs (5)

        delusion, of maggots, vermin, insects

        delusion, more masculine (3)

        delusion, separated from group (9)

        delusion, surrounded by corruption, decay (5)

        delusion, smell

        delusion, talking as if asleep (1)

        delusion, unappreciated (1, 2, 3, 9)

        delusion, water ,foul

        delusion, younger (2)



        desires, love, romantic (9)

        desires, vacation, holiday (5)



        dreams, abortion

        dreams, babies, sick

        dreams, beaches

        dreams, betrayal

        dreams, black, oily, glob        

        dreams, blood

        dreams, boats

        dreams, bombs

        dreams, cats

        dreams, criminals

        dreams, crypt

        dreams, corruption

        dreams, decomposition

        dreams, dead friends

        dreams, dead relatives

        dreams, disgusting   (provers 5, 9)

        dreams, dirt (prover 5)

        dreams, dogs, black

        dreams, drowning

        dreams, dying, of cholera (5)

        dreams, elevators

        dreams, excrements  (prover 5; many provers used the word “shit”)

        dreams, factory

        dreams, falling   (prover 8)

        dreams, falling into water

        dreams, fire     (prover 6, 8, 9)

        dreams, floods

        dreams, flying   (prover 2)

        dreams, flying from room to room

        dreams, fish

        dreams, floating   (prover 2)

        dreams, ghosts

        dreams, glass buildings

        dreams, grass

        dreams, games

        dreams, hair, red

        dreams, horses

        dreams, homosexuals

        dreams, houses   (provers 2, 5, 7, 8)

        dreams, islands

        dreams, Italy, Mediterranean images

        dreams, landlord

        dreams, lewd, lascivious

        dreams, lewd, lascivious with orgasm

        dreams, looking down from above

        dreams, marriage, weddings

        dreams, Mediterranean

        dreams, money

        dreams, monsters

        dreams, murder

        dreams, nuns

        dreams, pedophilia

        dreams, picking sores until they bled (5)

        dreams, police   (provers 5, 6)

        dreams, pregnant

        dreams, pursued

        dreams, prostitutes

        dreams, rape

        dreams, soldiers   (provers 5, 7)

        dreams, red dress

        dreams, Russian soldier, being, Grand Armee (5)

        dreams, sewer

        dreams, sexual

        dreams, sexual violence

        dreams, sharks

        dreams, skating

        dreams, surgery

        dreams, swimming

        dreams, threatening (threats?)   (provers 3, 6, 8, 9)

        dreams, toilet

        dreams, trolls, crones

        dreams, tumor

        dreams, tunnels

        dreams, violence

        dreams, war

        dreams, water (provers 5, 6, 8, 9; recurring dreams)

        dreams, water, dirty    (prover 5)  

        dreams, water, falling into 

        dreams, water, people swimming in  (prover 5, 6)

        dreams, water, swimming in  (prover 5, 6)

        dreams, water, falling into  (prover 9)

        dreams, worms

        dreams, vivid


        dwelling on past disagreeable circumstances  (2, 3)

        elation  (2, 4, 5)

        extravagance   (5)            

        fastidious   (3, 6, 9)



        fear, accident  (6)

        fear, for others

        fear, homosexuality  (5)

        fear, abandonment by wife  (5)

        fear, men, African American   (9)

        fear, sexual assault  (9)


        forgetfulness (3, 4, 5, 8, 9)

        forgotten, something, feels as if he had  (8, 9)


        forsaken, sensation of isolation (1, 2, 3, 9)

        hopeless   (3, 2, 9)

        impatience, with children (1, 2, 3, 9)

        indolence (1, 8)

        industrious (2)

        irresolution (7)

        loathing, self (2, 3)

        love, of opposite sex

        memory, weakness of  (provers 3, 7)

        memory, weakness of, for proper names  (prover 7, 3 times)

        memory, weakness of, for words  (prover 5)

        mistakes, talking, words (5)

        mistakes, gender (6)

        mistakes, in localities (8)

        mistakes, about objects (8, 9)

        mistakes, names (7)

        pities herself,  (provers 1, 2, 3, 9)

        reproaches, others (9)


        restlessness, with pain

        sadness  (provers 3, 5, 7)

        sadness, before menses

        sensitive, to noise (9)

             high pitched noise (9)

        stupefaction, as if intoxicated (1, 3)

        sympathy, desires (1, 2, 3, 9)

        suicidal thoughts (2, 3)

        thoughts, rapid (1)

        weeping, tearful mood, tendency (provers 3, 7)   

        weeping, causeless (7)



        in am (4)

        light headed (6)

        drifts or falls (5, 6)

        falling to left (5)



        dry, flaking, scalp (5)



        headache, frontal, pressure (6)

        dull, gripping like too much caffeine (9)

        dull occiput (1)

        throbbing head and above eyes (6)

        pressure, frontal (6)

        pressure temples (5) <lying down

        head pain before menses (3, 4)



        sty right eye

        discharge right eye

        eyelid opens and shuts involuntarily

        eye, dryness



        difficulty focusing

        as if a bug was flying in peripheral sight (prover #7)

        blurry when reading (4)



        pain, aching

        noises, ringing

        eruption, oozing, earlobe

        pain, cutting



        noises, like honey (5)

        sounds are stretched (5)       



        inflammation, parotid gland  (prover 1)

        eruption, herpetic, lip  (provers 3, 5, 8)

        eruption, herpetic, lip, lower  (provers 5, 8)

        eruption, herpetic, mouth, corners of  (prover 6)

             (3 provers had at least a 6 month “cure” of their herpes)

        eruptions, forehead  (prover 5; new symptom persisted)

        eruptions, eyebrows, painful to touch (5)

        eruption, over left eye (5)



        mouth, hemorrhage, gums (provers 7, 9)

        mouth, saliva, in gushes

        mouth, saliva, profuse

        mouth, salivation with mumps (prover 1)

        taste, lemons in mouth (2)

        gums, spongy (9)

        lower gum line feels thin and stings (5)

        chancre sore on tongue (6)

        chancre sore on lip (3)

        breath, odor, fetid (5)

        crack, lip, split (5)

        frothy mucous on waking



        toothache while eating chocolate (4)

        teeth ache (6)

        pain right lower teeth (7)



        catarrh (4)

        obstruction (4)

        odors, imagined and real, fruit, peaches

        odors, imagined and real sulfur



        acrid smell about me (10)

        odor of chemicals in air - couldn't breathe (2)

        the remedy smelled like quite ripe peaches (5)

        acute sense of smell(5)



        sore throat (8)

        sore throat >tea (4)

        sore throat w/ears tickling (4)



        pain, sub-mandular, left side




        mucous, throat, stuck

        greenish yellow




        pain and gas (3, 5)

        appetite ceaseless (3)

        appetite wanting for dinner (3)

        upset stomach >drinking cold water (5)

        pain sharp (6)

        pain w/ belching (5, 7)

        appetite wanting (4)

        spikes or flashes of nausea (8)

        sour eructations (5)



        pain, knot

        pain, sharp over bowel

        pain, dull



        Back/neck: sensation of gap in mid-back; as if back were separated (5)

        pain, nape neck (4)

        pain, coccyx

        dull, throbbing pain

        tension, neck/shoulders

        neck pulling to left



        pain, mammae, nipples, in men

        pain, mammae, menses, before  (prover 4; new symptom)

        swelling, mammae, menses, before  (prover 4; new symptom)

        pain, gas, center chest, radiating

        pain, constriction

        pain, aching     



        awkwardness  (provers 2, 3, 5, 7)

        awkwardness, hands

        awkwardness, lower limbs

        coldness, feet

        numbness, insensibility   (provers 4, 8, 9)

        numbness, insensibility, upper limbs   (provers 4, 9)

        numbness, lower limbs

        numbness, arms on waking

        numbness, feet




        shoulders hurt laying on side (7) in bed

        right shoulder ache ext to wrist (7) in bed

        ache, upper ext.

        ache, upper ext. at night (8)

        ache, shoulders

        ache upper arms

        cracking pain groin <-- walking (6)

        pain, lancinating, knee

        soreness, feet, soles

        pinching, wrist

        throbbing pain, hip

        throbbing, wrist




        eruption, herpetic (provers 3, 6)

        eruption, boil, labia (6)

        sexual, desire, increased (provers 2, 6, 9)

        masturbation, desire to (6)

        menses, painful, dysmenorrhea (prover 4)

        menses, brown  discharge  (prover 4; new symptom)

        menses, profuse  (prover 4; new symptom)

        menses, intermittent, (prover 4, 9)

        menses, spotting (6)

        pain, lower vaginal region (6)

        pain, ovary, left

        sharp pain, cervix (prover 9)

        sharp pain, left ovaries (prover 4; new symptom)



        fever, high (4)



        male, sexual desire increased,

        pain, testes  

        pain, testes, pinching (R. and radiating to thigh)

        penis, flaccid




        night sweats (7)



        rectum, constipation  (provers 4, 5, 7, 9)

             must strain

             urging absent

             insufficient, incomplete, unsatisfactory

        excessive flatulence, smelly (5, 7)






        color, light brown

        loose (7)



        shortness of breath



        ERUPTIONS (provers 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)

        eruptions, herpetic  (same provers)

        boil right upper back (6)

        eruption, cervical area (5)

        rash, red, above L axilla after bathing (6)

        rash, flat, pink, scaly on chest (6)

        bumps, raised, red, upper thigh (8)

        eczema, hands

        skin, greasy (5)



        deep, soporific sleep (5)

        fetal position, right side (9)

        snoring during nap (9)

        overwhelming desire to sleep (1)

        deep unrefreshing sleep (5)

        waking groggy (1, 3)

        sleeping early (5)

        restless (7)

        waking late (7)

        sleepiness (6)



        musty smelling (6)



          TMJ of 1 year duration disappeared (prover 5)

        Rheumatoid Arthritis, more than 10 years of pain disappeared

        Numbers of cases of herpetic eruptions disappeared for at

             least 6 months

        mouth, dry, before sleep (had the symptom for 3 months

             before the proving)



        mind, dreams, sexual                                

        mind, dreams, sexual, violent (rape)       

        mind, dreams, mediterranean scene          

        mind, dreams, beach

        mind, dreams, homosexual                        

        mind, dreams, men, gay                            

        mind, dreams, trolls, crones, etc.              

        mind, dreams, corruption                       

        mind, dreams, decomposition, decay, rotting, etc.

        mind, dreams, toilet, sewer, etc                

        mind, dreams, tunnel                          

        mind, dreams, boats                                

        mind, dreams, grass                                

        mind, delusion scratched by 1000 fingers    



           prover #4 had image of picking sores until they bled,

             just before taking the remedy.

        prover #7 feels this is the spirit of an insect or rodent

        prover #9 said “life is a hopeless dump”

             the word shit comes up often with provers 1, 2, 3

        prover # 1 says “i feel like I’ve woken from the dead”

             after mumps, and “I feel like I’ve gone through

             a metamorphosis”.

        prover #1 had kaleidoscopic images

        provers # 9, 10 had paranoia about black men (mind, fear, ?)

        symptoms surrounding car problems-- mixed up keys, locked

             keys in car, car went off road (provers 3, 6, 8)

        many strange or perverted sexual thoughts and dreams

             (see dreams sexual) guilty pain in stomach (4)


SPECIAL PROVER’S SYMPTOMS: (not rubrics) (#5)

        del. frenzy of hands when washing face

        del. the water on his wrist looks like many eyes

        del. lint on robe looks like nest of insects or fish eggs

        del. sees hundreds of eyes in soap foam

        del. garbage moved

        del. surrounded by corruption and decay

        del. was in Grand Armee and dying of cholera on his

             return from Russia

        del. feels like an animal with eyes darting about

        del. hears retching in subway

        vision of dead squirrel with beetles and wasps burrowing into

             its collapsed eyes

        homophobia, fear/ obsession with homosexuality

        thinks, sees, “Italian” people and things (also #2 & others,

             “things Mediterranean")

        desire to stay home and protect wife

        fears wife is leaving him

        flinched- thought wife would hit him

        had a compulsive need to buy things

        was drawn to brackish water in subway

        he thought remedy was degrading and decomposing

        he opened a book to random page and it was about maggots

             cleaning pearls

        his wife guesses that the remedy is a sea worm or a fly

        he thought the remedy was about garbage- the word garbage

             keeps coming up 

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